Acronym : CyberExcellence
Funder : Walloon Region
Start : Jan 2022
End : Dec 2027
Academic coordinators : Jean-Michel Dricot and Olivier Markowitch


The rise in cyber threats, whether private or state-run, has generated an awareness that has resulted in many concrete actions by the actors of Walloon education and research. These actions have allowed us to develop and strengthen our knowledge in cybersecurity. We can say that our researchers aim for scientific excellence and are now at the forefront of many areas such as data protection, ethics, or ensuring cybersecurity by design, a philosophy advocated by both the NIS Directive and the GDPR.

The objective of the CyberExcellence project is to bring around the table all Universities from Walloonia and Brussels to strengthen the research expertise of the Region, with in mind the objectives set at European level.

The Cybersecurity research center at ULB will be respsonsible for two mains tasks: (1) cryptography for secure data manipulation (European and sovereign clouds) and (2) simulation environments (including hybrid cyber ranges).