The ULB Cybersecurity Research Center was founded in 2017 and currently has 6 professors and over 20 researchers.

The center is a federation of 4 well-established research groups in the domains of cryptography, network security, quantum cryptography, and quantum transmission. Each group has a strong international experience and collaborations with the industry.

The Center members created in 2015 the first Belgian Master of Science in Cybersecurity.


Research is organised in 4 different teams. Each team has a different research focus in the area of cybersecurity:

  • SOS – Scheduling, Optimization, Security
  • OPERA – Network Security
  • QUIC – Quantum Information Research Center
  • LIC – Laboratoire d’Information Quantique

The ULB Cybersecurity Research Center focuses on the protection of digital transmissions. Our groups develops advanced cybersecurity solutions to protect the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop the future quantum transmission techniques.


The Center organizes seminars regularly. Everybody is welcome, attendance is free and registration is not required.


The research teams recognize the importance of networking and cooperation. Academic and industry collaboration is highly appreciated and at the core of our research projects.

The Cybersecurity Research Center has strong ties with the Master of Science in Cybersecurity, the Center for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB), and the Cybersecurity Coalition.